29/09/29 - INT048
29/09/20 - INT049
13/09/20 - int049
28/07/20 - int049
26/07/20 - int049
26/07/20 - news


Supernova 3 & 4

limited to 70 copies, each


supported by:



news - 26/07/2020

INT049 DIDI KERN "elliptical overtone study & field recordings" LP

We're very happy to be publishing the solo album of Didi Kern! Didi Kern is not only known as an accurate and versatile drummer for Austrian heroes Bulbul and Fuckhead, he also built up a reputation for himself within the improvised and free jazz music scene performing with such great names as Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Weasel Walter a.o. Meanwhile he’s regarded as one of the busiest drummers in the Viennese scene. Didi has established himself as a resourceful, energetic free improviser with a sharp sense of humour. 'Elliptical Overtone Study & Field Recordings' is released on Vinyl (incl. Download Voucher) by Interstellar Records. We've been collaborating with Didi for more than 12 years, with him becoming a good friend and advisor and resulting in the releases of Bulbultumido, Kern Quehenberger and of course Broken.Heart.Collector.

link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int049
link: www.interstellarrecords.at/mailorder


news - 27/09/2019


'There’s beauty among the rocks in the video for 'Her Presence and Tides' (vimeo.com/290353013), from Joanna John & Burkhard Stangl. It’s an interesting way to introduce Lynx, which has a similarly curious and meditative tone' (a closer listen).

link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int048
link: www.interstellarrecords.at/mailorder


news - 14/05/2019


more information, soon. limited to 105 copies (each), artwork & print by Darko Kujundžić

link: www.interstellarrecords.at/mailorder


news - 12/02/2019

finally, the two news releases int045 "supernova volume III" and int046 "supernova volume IV" are online. both are released in december 2018

INT045 STIRB / ROAD TO WINEVILLE "supernova volume III" MC

the supernova series on Interstellar Records started in 2001, in the first year of the label. a four tapes box with artists like Calamari:Autopsy (a), Monster DVD (jap, Government Alpha with KK Null + Tabata from Zeni Geva), Interstate 35 (a, Wolfram Reiter & Bug) and Mute Audio (a, Claus Harringer of Valina). the number Two was released in 2009 as a double10inch Vinyl and includes artists like Bulbul & Heimo Wallner (a), Merzbow (jap), Peach Pit (hr) and Wolfgang Fuchs (a). the idea was to make space for side projects, collaborations of members of the Interstellar family. all settled into experimental and/or improvised music (in a very noisy way). the idea to continue the series starts in 2017 (after the offical break of Interstellar Records sublabel Dilemma Records) and finally gets released in the end of 2018 with artists like Angélica Castelló (a, mex), Neulinger/Zachariadis (a), Stirb (a) and Road To Wineville (a) as two seperated split tapes (includes the digital version). 2019 Interstellar will continue the series with artists like Didi Kern (a), Ana Threat (a), The Sicker Boys (a), Gis Orchestra (a), Regolith (a), Samo Kutin (slo)... the plan will be two releases in spring and two releases in autumn 2019.
The illustration and design of Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 are done by Arnulf Rödler. Silkscreen printed by NoOne.

release link:

upcoming releases in 2019:
INT049 REFLECTOR "collaborations" MC


news - 03/09/2018


more information, soon. limited to 70 copies (each), designed by Arnulf Rödler, printed by Jochen Summer

link: www.interstellarrecords.at/mailorder


news - 20/12/2017

out now: BUG "calamitas" MC
the tape version of BUG's masterpiece is finally available.


news - 28/11/2017

out now: GIGALDI "das ganze doppelalbum" 2LP
"Das ganze Doppelalbum" is the first solo release of Gigi Gratt aka Gigaldi. Since 2005 Gratt plays in intense bands like the improvisation trio Nirwakia with Wolf Lobo Eisberg and Martin 'Hipi' Hiptmair. At the same time he started with Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi) the band Tumido. But Gratt also created Gigi's Gogos, a 13 piece orchestra built around improvisation conducted by Gigi. This project transferred into the GIS Orchestra, an Upper Austrian improvisation orchestra, with up to 30 musicians (organised in collaboration with Waschaecht Wels (Unlimited Festival). Gratt comes from Ottensheim, he is one of the key pillars of Ottensheim Open Air and organises shows for KOMA, a culture association doing shows at changing spaces. He is playing E-Guitar in the post-math-rock quartet of NI, next to BRAAZ a quartet between Jazz and Noiserock, with a lot of space for improvisation. These days Gratt is also playing at DRUMSKI a collective working in a traditional way with (upper-)austrian proverbs. And if he is not involved in new projects, his next other band is ROMANOVSTRA working in a new way with hungarian proverbs.

In 2015 Gratt transferred the idea of a concept recording having every season one piece, giving each season its own instrument. This was also the time he has chosen GIGALDI as his moniker. In winter 2013 he recorded, like every track on "das ganze Doppelalbum”, "winter" in Ottensheim with E-Bass, a dark, close to 16 minutes song. On “frühling", Gratt uses the flugelhorn, a following composition of TUMIDO's album "vakuum", that was completely recorded using wind instruments. On the 2nd LP, "sommer" was recored in Schrattenberg in 2016, Gratt uses the Tres, a cuban string instrument and “herbst", with E-Guitar, he recorded in a gym hall with an amazing acoustica in Vinac, Bosnia. His Tumido fellow Mario Stadler mixed the album at the Goon Studios / Linz / Austria. Mastering done by legendary Alexander Jöchtl aka Audiobomber. The artwork was done by artist Inga Hehn. The liner notes in the album, are written bei Andreas Fellinger of the Austrian Independent zine "Freistil". Released by Interstellar Records, that collaborated with Gigi for more than 10 Years resulting in the releases of TUMIDO, NI and BULBULTUMIDO.

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int044/

upcomig releases in 2018:
INT046 V/A "supernova vol. 3"
INT047 V/A "supernova vol. 4"

and, we've already some (the very last one) "interstellar records"-supporter-tote-bags left, really beautiful, with the logo, created by igor hofbauer and redesigned by phil prugger. high quality 2 colour print on a white, high end, fairtrade tote bag. this is a possibility for you to support the label and upcoming releases, alongside getting this totally beautiful item. enjoy, and thank you for backing interstellar.


news - 08/11/2017

out now: BUG "calamitas" LP
finally, after some troubles in the vinyl pressing process, "calamitas" from the austrian noiserock quartet BUG is out now. the vinyl version is ready for listening and available via the interstellar mailorder and of course at the bug shows

The night has its price and I am eager to pay.
Calamitas means loss, disaster, damage, harm, defeat and misfortune.

Calamitas sounds like a brutal blast beat inferno merging into harsh noise rock (Anti),
classic blues guitar harmonies mixed up with black metal-ish yodeling (Arbeitsunwill),
Mariane dig bass lines embracing a true metal heart (Fuck Me Blind),
monolithic walls of white noise collapsing into nihilistic death rock (Happiness Is Hard To Hold),
sludgy, distorted rhythm blended with mathy, metallic guitars (Best Days Of My Life),
desperate songs for the unloved channeling suffocating post punk angst (A knife for every heart).

Calamitas deals with danger babe Ruby, who stole Silvio Berlusconi’s heart,
Satan deceiving us all by using the purgatory doctrine,
dictator Kim Jong Senior (II), the sexiest man alive back in the days,
beautiful femmes fatales with a look that kills,
the man who cut off his own leg to get disablement pension (he didn’t succeed),
personal misery, the best days of my life, the abyss that is staring back, etc.

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int043/

upcomig releases:
INT043 BUG "calamitas" MC
INT044 GIGALDI "das ganze doppelalbum" 2LP

and, we've already some (the very last one) "interstellar records"-supporter-tote-bags left, really beautiful, with the logo, created by igor hofbauer and redesigned by phil prugger. high quality 2 colour print on a white, high end, fairtrade tote bag. this is a possibility for you to support the label and upcoming releases, alongside getting this totally beautiful item. enjoy, and thank you for backing interstellar.


news - 09/10/2017

out now: FS MASSAKER "" MC
the first full lenght album of this austrian free trio is out now. members of infamous austrian sound terrorists sex on the beach and regolith are joined by ayleresque saxophone blasts. blending free jazz with analogue synths and high-energy rock into a fiercely turbulent and intensely cathartic improvised wall of sound this trio will blow your head off. imagine a monster truck crashing full speed into a symphonic orchestra playing mozart.

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int042/

FS MASSAKER release shows:
13/10/17 SLO-MARIBOR @ mariboring (+ Moe, Cilantro, Dead,...)
27/10/17 SLO-VELENJE @ mc (+ Bug)
28/10/17 A-LINZ @ kapu (+ Bug)
25/11/17 A-VIENNA @ au

upcomig releases:
INT043 BUG "calamitas" LP/CD/MC (on october 15th, 2017)
INT044 GIGALDI "das ganze doppelalbum" 2LP

and, we've already some (the very last one) "interstellar records"-supporter-tote-bags left, really beautiful, with the logo, created by igor hofbauer and redesigned by phil prugger. high quality 2 colour print on a white, high end, fairtrade tote bag. this is a possibility for you to support the label and upcoming releases, alongside getting this totally beautiful item. enjoy, and thank you for backing interstellar.


news - 18/07/2017

from july 19th, 2017 till end of august 2017 - interstellar soundinstallation @ grazmuseum / graz / austria. soundsources from interstellar releases from artists like Wolfgang Fuchs, Tumido, Regolith, Peach Pit, Owl Rave, Mute Audio, Gigaldi, broken.heart.collector, Angélica Castelló , . . .


news - 22/03/2017

first release this year: ÄFFCHEN & CRAIGS "hop hop" LP
this austrian duo is just amazing: Oberösterreichischer Dialektrap & elektronische aufgefettete Drumbeats, Wucht & Witz, Whack & Whoop, Top Cop Hop Pop & Urban Gstanzl, Dillo & Dada, Sofettunion & Sofettunion, Literaturpreisträger & Platinplattentrommler, Stephan Roiss & Christoph Stadler, Äffchen & Craigs. (upperaustrian, funny and intelligent lyrics with the empathy of an amazing drummer; and good).
the members are already in the atmosphere and has contact to shinny planets like Bulbul, Tumido, Bulbultumido, Conchita Wurst, Fang Den Berg, GIS Orchestra, Krautschädl, Delilah and Electric Ray & The Shockers.

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int041/
audio: www.youtube.com

Ä&C release shows:
23/03/17 A-VIENNA @ rhiz
24/03/17 A-LINZ @ kapu

as other announced releases for 2016 / 2017 like LIGHTUNE.G "" LP, CHRISTOF KURZMANN / BURKHARD STANGL "" LP, GIGALDI „die vier jahreszeiten“ 2LP has a delay, there is a reason, as interstellar is co-founded by the SKE fonds, this fonds get money for the copyright for empty medias. one of the big player is amazon, and as dirty business as usal they did one trial to the next trial and delays with paying. but they lost and a lot of non-profit musicians, labels and organizers, finally get this money, which they diserve. all this releases will happens in 2017!

we have already some "interstellar records"-supporter-tote-bags left, really beautiful, with the logo, created by igor hofbauer and redesigned by phil prugger. high quality 2 colour print on a white, high end, fairtrade tote bag. this is a possibility for you to support the label and upcoming releases, alongside getting this totally beautiful item. enjoy, and thank you for backing interstellar.


news - 08/11/2016

Interstellar's 40th release is out since november 1st, 2016! TUMIDO "xaxim" LP
The austrian trio TUMIDO with Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Metalycée, Innode) on drums, Gigi Gratt (Gis Orchestra, Ni, Romanovska) on trumpet, tres and Mario Stadler (Fang den Berg, The Sickerboys) on guitar, bass and electronics released their seventh album "nomads" on Interstellar Records in 2014.
Two years later their new album "xaxim" arrives. "xaxim", being one of the tracks on "nomads", was, for TUMIDO, the ideal track to be remixed. They invited friends and members of other bands to do remixes of "xaxim" for this album.
On the first track NIK HUMMER (Metalyée, Ex-Thilges3) derives maximum energy from the sounds, as on the second track STEFAN NEMETH (Innode, Ex-Radian) blows your mind with a monotonous loop which, over time, gets to the peak of intensity. On side B of this 180 gr 12inch Vinyl, BUENOVENTURA (Elektro Guzzi) puts TUMIDO on the dancefloor with danceable and inteligent beats and TUMIDO themselves, finish this album with an epic soundscape.
"xaxim" is one of those albums that demand a powerful soundsystem for maximum intensity. "Lärm erzeugt Energie" ("Noise generates energy") Bernhard Breuer said in an interview once, and he's still right!

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int040/
audio: tumidomusic.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com

upcoming 15 years of Interstellar Records celebrations:
09/11/16 A-VIENNA @ rhiz (Tumido, Susanna Gartmayer)
26/11/16 A-LINZ @ kapu (Owl Rave, Tumido, Mute Audio)

upcoming releases in 2017: LIGHTUNE.G "" LP, CHRISTOF KURZMANN / BURKHARD STANGL "" LP, GIGALDI „die vier jahreszeiten“ 2LP


news - 30/10/2016

Interstellar's 40th release will be out on november 1st, 2016 am! TUMIDO "xaxim" LP. Including Remixes of Nik Hummer, Stefan Nemeth, Buenoventura and Tumdio. more information up to come

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int040/

upcoming 15 years of Interstellar Records celebrations:
09/11/16 A-VIENNA @ rhiz (Tumido, Susanna Gartmayer)
26/11/16 A-LINZ @ kapu (Owl Rave, Tumido, Mute Audio)


news - 20/03/2016

Interstellar's 39th release is out now, since 05:30 am! Stefan Fraunberger "quellgeister #2 'wurmloch'" LP, is the 2nd chapter of the extraordinary quellgeister serie.

The material at hand is the second release in a series of sonic sculptures, these “Quellgeister”, that Stefan Fraunberger has been developing within his extensive travels through Transylvania. Fraunberger seeks out 300 year old organs in abandoned churches and refurbishes them, freeing them of their long-gone service to the institution. The region plays host to a number of small villages which lost the majority of their German population to migration after the fall of communism. In an area currently largely inhabited by Roma and Sinti, these fortress churches built during the Ottoman Wars have been transformed into vacant monuments.

Recording began in the summer of 2014 during a two-week conclave in the village of Valea Viilor (the origin of the town’s name meaning “wormhole”).
Fraunberger understands these time-worn church organs as a pre-modern, forgotten future. Far removed from modern political and industrial norms, these brittle Baroque machines, running on wooden mechanics and bundled air, make room for new concepts of radical and individual sonic possibilities. “Quellgeister” is “sonic archeology” on the fringe of european contemporary culture. Stefan Fraunberger deals with desolate space and the present re-contextualization of it.

Both sides of “Quellgeister #2” are one-take recordings and will contain absolutely no edits. MS microphonics and ambisonoric mastering move this project closer to the abstracted spirit of electronic music within the spectrum of auditive curved space. Atop the hills of the periphery, air and motion form organic sculptures -“Wormhole” feels like a wave consisting of beats and decay. “Quellgeister #2” rides gravitational waves in the heavily diverse nether regions of collapsed planets.

release link: www.interstellarrecords.at/releases/int039/
video: youtube/watch?v=VfCbl7EuQ8g (Stefan Fraunberger "quellgeister #2 'wurmloch'")

upcoming 15 years of Interstellar Records celebrations:
05/05/16 HR-ZAGREB @ part of "izlog suvremenog zvuzka"
27/05/16 A-INNSBRUCK @ pmk (Nitro Mahalia, Stefan Fraunberger, Bug, DJ Ego, Dr. One) and in autumn we will celebrating in Rhiz / Vienna, Ljubljana, KAPU / Linz and once again in Graz. In 2016 we will also release a new 12inch of Tumido featuring a lot of guest contribution and in the end of the year there will be a lot of snow.


news - 13/03/2016

INT039 STEFAN FRAUNBERGER "quellgeister #2 'wurmloch'" LP will be out on March 20th 2016


news - 22/12/2015

Interstellar's 38th release is out now! It's the self-titled debut of OWL RAVE and will be available on vinyl.
OWL RAVE is a new band from Innsbruck, originated as Gregor Huber's (formerly of Todesstern) bedroom project in 2014. It was originally intended to calm him down and take some much needed wind out of his sails. Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Badalamenti were essential in conjuring up these types of atmospheres and moods. Slowness gradually became the momentum: Doom jazz, early dubstep, drone and ambient made their way into his musical socialization that up until then was moulded by HC, metal and drum'n'bass.
The nucleus of OWL RAVE's work is dark, simplified, reduced and melancholic deepness. Former Todesstern colleagues Markus Dolp (vocalist of Bug) and Antonia Steiner (former vocalist of The Shirley MacLaines) fleshed the project out to a three-piece. With those additions, Owl Rave gained a valuable new layer and was able to inject versatility into its narrative structure.OWL RAVE is a multimedia project: visuals, videos and coherent artwork are stylistic devices that are used with the same level of sincerity as the music is performed. Anna Ladinig frames all those elements with her visuals, which draw from both digital and analogue source material. At the end of the day, Owl Rave is a concept band that helps itself to pieces of pop culture scenery, strives to be convincing and is not afraid of quotes.
Were quite sure that this is the beginning of a long journey together.

in 2016 we will celebrate our 15th birthday. We launched this label back in 2001, starting with a compilation that featured noise-rock and experimental musicians. We immediately felt the enthusiasm. in these15 years we have managed to keep our spirit and continue to trust our vision. we released 40 records, with the best artists and people you can dream of (see the list below), cooperated with amazing labels like Rock Is Hell, Noise Appeal, Hirntrust Grind Media, Guranje S Litice and Conspiracy Records, organized dozens of concerts, started a sub label (Dilemma Records) and worked with amazing mastering engineers, concert organisers, clubs, graphic designers, record stores, webmasters, translators and more. we are so proud to constantly be surrounded by people who really support us and we are especially grateful for our dedicated fan base who always support us and respond to our work.
without all this, we wouldn't exist anymore, and now is a better time than any to say thank you.

Thank you to all the artists we have worked with so far. here is the list (and we're hoping it's complete):
Heike Vester, Valina, Urkuma, Tumido, Tabata, The Striggles, Burkhard Stangl, Martin Siewert, Sensual Love, Florian Sedmak, John Russell, Room204, Wolfram Reiter, Regolith, Reflector, Quetzal, Phillip Quehenberger, Lucia Pulido, Peach Pit, Owl Rave, KK Null, Nitro Mahalia, Ni, Martin Neureiter, Stefan Nemeth, Mute Audio, Metalycée, Menkillingmen, Andreas Kurz, Didi Kern, Ischler Seidlpfeifer, In-Kata, Hella Comet, Government Alpha, Gosinger Geigenmusi, Gone Bald, Godsentus, G.I. Joe, Stefan Fraunberger, Flu.id, Christian Fennesz, Elektro Guzzi, Egotrip, Chang Ffos, Angélica Castelló, Calamari:Autopsy, Bulbul, Bug, broken.heart.collector, Analena and 27

so from bottom of our hearts: thank you. we're looking forward to the future and we're sure it will be as fruitful as the 15 years we have put behind us so far. out next releases will be out in spring, starting with Stefan Fraunberger, who is writing the next chapter to his "quellgeister" series and a new recording with Tumido. both releases are extraordinary!

We would also like to thank all our fans, friends and family in person. The best opportunity to do that would be at the"15 Jahre Interstellar Records" show. It will take place on january 23rd, 2016 in graz @ forum stadtpark. this is the first part of this celebration, more events will follow in 2016 and they'll be spread out over Zagreb, Vienna, Ljubljana, Innsbruck and of course in our old stoping grounds of Linz.


news - 11/12/2015

INT038 OWL RAVE „“ LP will be out on December 14th 2015


news - 10/08/2015

we're currently working on a lot of new releases, which will be out autumn / winter 2015

INT039 STEFAN FRAUNBERGER "quellgeister #2" LP
INT040 TUMIDO „axxim“ LP

and you will find under the section „shows“ our upcomig records booth dates. enjoy the summer!


news - 06/02/2015

there are a lot of news, and damn good news at that.

finally, the 37th interstellar release is out (official on february 9th, 2015). Angélica Castelló "sonic blue" Vinyl.
in 2013, on the Lofoten archipelago, an island chain along Norway’s northern coastline, Angelica met the biologist and bioacoustics researcher Heike Vester, who founded the organization Ocean Sounds in a fishing village named Henningsvær. Heike led Angelica to the whales found in the waters around the Lofoten islands. The field recordings and sounds they collected on these boat trips provide the acoustic framework for “sonic blue”, which is a beautiful but also dark and noisy composition that is best described with one simple word: MAGIC. never before was there such a unique communication between the field recordings, the variety of sounds provided by the open ocean and the human musician. The LP includes liner notes by Susanna Niedermayr / Ö1 and of course a link to the digital version. The coherent artwork was done by Ralf Tronstoner.
record release party on february 9th 2015 in A-VIENNA @ hut hinterhof unterterrain (sechshauserstr. 28)

this Ralf Tronstoner is also a part of NITRO MAHALIA and has a new project with Bernhard Breuer (Tumido, Metalycée, Elektro Guzzi), called GNANKN. Their first live performance was at the 15 Years of Klingt.Org Fest in Vienna, and you can imagine how it sounds. Or can you?

OWL RAVE from Innsbruck / Austria will release their debut on Interstellar Records in summer (realistically). This band also includes interstellar alumni as we have mr. maggo bug (bug / todesstern) next to gregor huber (dj ego / todesstern) and antonia steiner. we're highly impressed with the atmosphere of their sounds. you can listen to the beauty of darkness here ->

REGOLITH will release another split tape very soon, this time with SΔGΔΔN from spain. it's the second part of their split tape series and they are also working on their new full length album which will released by Rock Is Hell in autumn 2015.

and we also have really bad news: PEACH PIT split up, this band was so very special. the members, the music and interstellar are proud of the 4 releases we did together which are still magic! on the other hand this event brings us a new band: FRANZ KAFKA ENSEMBLE feat. Franjo and Bruno - there is a lot of PP in it but also more space for improvisation as well as a brass section. their debut concert in autumn 2014 was really impressive and we were tremendously excited to see them! Mihael is currently focusing all his energy into his band TANKER, which is still the loudest and heaviest math-rock band on the planet earth.

we're expecting a fresh batch of new and amazing records for our mailorder, like the debut of THE GITARREN DER LIEBE (feat. members of The Striggles, Jakuzi's Attempt), new albums of Wolfram Reiter's outstanding new project BLACK MUD RIVER - so keep your ears open for all these new and magical sounds.

upcoming interstellar records booth:
21/02/15 A-LINZ @ stwst (feat. Reflector, Ni)
05/03/15 A-VIENNA @ rhiz (feat. Regolith, Elektro Guzzi DJ Team)
06/03/15 A-LINZ @ kapu "klangfestival" (feat. Regolith, Möström,... )
18/04/15 A-GRAZ @ tba (feat. The Gitarren Der Liebe, DJ Herbst)


news - 03/09/2014

TUMIDO "nomads" Vinyl , interstellar recording number 036 is out NOW! also available digital (vinyl includes this version too) via Tumido's bandcamp page -> tumidomusic.bandcamp.com
"nomads" is the new masterpiece of this high energy trio from Austria, includes Bernhard Breuer (Metalycée, Elektro Guzzi, Innode,...), Gigi Gratt (Ni, Gis Orchestra, Braaz,...) and Mario Stadler (Goon Studio, Fang Den Berg). This LP is a blast and you can read a perfect review in the actually issue of the Freistil magazin (which also includes a potrait about Breuer) and readable in the release section, too.

we're working hard on the upcoming releases of ANGELICA CASTELLO's masterpiece "sonic blue" LP, and the debut of zagreb's LIGHTUNE.G "" LP, both will be released this year

upcoming interstellar records booth:
2014-09-06 A-HAAG @ böllerbauer (feat. GIS Orchestra)
2014-19-18 A-GRAZ @ postgarage (feat. Hammerhead and Waikiki Star Destroyer)

AND, we got some copies of interstellar recording 018 back, PULIDO FENNESZ SIEWERT STANGL "a girl & a gun" 7inch, a beauty, a rare one, again available via our mailorder

AND AND,, interstellar's REGOLITH released the first tape, of a series of split releases. this time with vienna's FS MASSAKER, and of course available via our mailorder

AND AND AND,,, our friends of Rock Is Hell celebrate 10 years of his label in his hometown JUDENBURG on september 5th & 6th, 2014 feat. Septic, Reflector, Patrick Pulsinger, King Buzzo (The Melvins), It's Everyone Else, Hella Comet, Elektro Guzzi, Bulbul, broken.heart.collector,....


news - 22/04/2014

METALYCÉE "expat blues" Vinyl , interstellar recording number 034 is out NOW! there is a teaser on the web -> youtube
"Expat Blues" is an extreme album, a beauty, a dark one, but definitely a beauty! as you can extract from this great article on www.mica.at (by Michael Ternai – written in German), the coherent artwork is done by Claudia Märzendorfer & Nick Thoenen, the digital version will be out on the beloved MOSZ RECORDS.

upcoming releases:
TUMIDO "nomads" LP (may 2014), ANGELICA CASTELLO "sonic blue" LP (june 2014), LIGHTUNE.G "" LP,.....

We have a bunch of new records in our mailorder section! Next realtime record booth will be at the „2014 Hurts“-festival in Graz @ Forum Stadtpark (April 25th & 26th 2014) and at the record release show of TUMIDO (and Bulbul) on May 16th 2014, in Graz @ Forum Stadtpark. AND, lest we forget, after a decade we have a printed mailorder catalog again, designed by Eva Klingovsky and Andreas Heller, silkscreen printed by Jochen Summer and full of shiny stars of Interstellar Records, Dilemma Records, Moonlee Records, Unrecords, Rock Is Hell as well as rare and beautiful Vinyls & Books. THANK YOU!


news - 01/04/2014

our long time friends, graz based HELLA COMET, just released “ttmmm” on our label (INT035). after being invited to Lou Reed" night in graz / austria they have put a spin to their existing sound playing a set of blistering guitar feedback based on Lou Reeds' Metal Machine Music. no drums, just a intense wall of wonderful feedback and guitar modulations.
some days later, after listening to the recording along with hella comet, we came up with the perfect plan to release the recording as fast as possible on an analog medium.
two months after that we are happy to announce this release.
28 minutes of tape - the perfect format for this wall of sound.

be prepared for 2 more releases in the upcoming 2 months, as there will be METALYCÈE "expat blues” (end of april) and TUMIDO "nomads" (may 2014).
tespressings have already arrived and run on maximum spin on our turntables.
ANGELICA CASTELLO is working on their new album for Interstellar Records. release date: before summer (2014)


news - 24/09/2013

we are happy to announce that IN-KATA (ex-QUETZAL) are now officially part of the interstellar family! well. again. or rather... they always were, since back in the QUETZAL days, but still, not exactly the same band, even though IN-KATA consistently continued were QUETZAL left off. in any case, last year IN-KATA released their new album "thanatopraxis" on CD - some of you might remember their awesome show at the interstellar label night at kapu in linz in spring this year. well. that was actually the exact same night we decided to do a vinyl version of "thanatopraxis" and we finally proudly present one hell of a piece of eye and ear candy: INT033. be prepared! for all of you who didn't get a copy at one of the release shows at ann and pat (linz) resp. rhiz (vienna) two weeks ago, it comes on translucent red vinyl with a handmade screen printed gatefold cover. awesome? very much so!!


news - 26/05/2013

good news.... again! we've two more new releases out this month:

INT030 PEACH PIT "music for three films" MC
is a cooperation with Guranje S Litice - 50 minutes of music of three soundtracks by our beloved PEACH PIT from zagreb. recorded in the years 2000, 2001 (plus second guitar) and 2012. a beauty! and - sorry for that, but it's, like, super limited: 70 copies total.

INT031 TUMIDO "vakuum" LP
TUMIDO grew (up?) and now come as a three piece, with 2013 being busy for both us and them: first, and now, comes "vakuum", a trumpet-only masterpiece. hard to describe, so go listen at http://www.interstellarrecords.at. "vakuum" will be out on may 24th, release show is at stadtwerkstatt (linz) on the same day, see you there! in the next couple of weeks, TUMIDO will further prepare for a new album in regular - but threesome - lineup, to be released at the end of the year!

and, as a reminder: still fresh:

INT032 V/A "innere blutungen - soundtrack" LP / CD
is a documentary by Anatol Bogendorfer (Valina) and Florian Sedmak (Kurort), which premiered at this year's Crossing Europe Film Festival in Linz. "Innere Blutungen" is a well-balanced musical trip from the origins (as interpreted outside of any cliche by Martin Neureiter, Gosinger Geignmusi and Ischler Seitlpfeifer) to the abstract and delicate electronic soundscapes by Andreas Kurz - with a short stop at the middle grounds: a polyphonic "Jodler" for guitar by Florian Sedmak.

on some other note, we've a couple of great new mailorder stuff been coming in: THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND LP, and a couple of new releases from UNRECORDS and GOD RECORDS. aaand. we have some copies of the 50th

release of the label ROCK IS HELL, fittingly named "it can't get worse than this"
50 songs, crazy pressing (each track ends in a lock groove and a couple of other extra special curiosities) and includes a lot of interstellar family members and friends: TUMIDO, THE STRIGGLES, REGOLITH, REFLECTOR, NI, MAJA OSOJNIK, BULBUL, BUG, HELLA COMET, POOKA BOYS, ROAD TO WINEVILLE, RIVERWITCH, .


news - 03/05/2013

yes, we are a lazy bunch when it comes to writing news.
but we are not lazy when it comes to tell you about our new release.

last week, on april 23rd 2013, the documentary film INNERE BLUTUNGEN by Anatol Bogendorfer (Valina) and Florian Sedmak (Kurort) premiered at the Crossing Europe Film Festival. just a few hours before the premiere the records arrived ( flight13-duplicaton you rule!).

INT032 innere blutungen (soundtrack) is a well-balanced musical trip from the origins (as interpreted outside of any cliche by Martin Neureiter, Gosinger Geignmusi and Ischler Seitlpfeifer) to the abstract and delicate electronic soundscapes by Andreas Kurz - with a short stop at the middle grounds: a polyphonic "Jodler" for guitar by Florian Sedmak.


news - 21/04/2013

hey all, we're a lazy bunch when it comes to the news section of our website, hence this is so rarely updated even though we have a bunch of good news for you... shame on us!

in the next couple of weeks, we'll have a bunch of records in the INTERSTELLAR records bag:
→ INT030 PEACH PIT "music for three films"
→ INT031 TUMIDO "vakuum"
→ INT032 V/A "innere blutungen - soundtrack"

aaaand.... we're working hard on upcoming releases by LIGHTUNE.G, METALYCEE, NI and IN-KATA!

further, INTERSTELLAR records will be part of "Maja's Musik Markt" at Brut in Vienna on the weekend of April 26th to 28th, 2013. "Maja's Musik Markt" is a market (or should we call it "DIY fair"?) with almost all independent labels from Austria (at least it looks like it) and each label will have its own table (or "standl" as we call it in austria) and we will share ours with our friends of ROCK IS HELL and NOISE APPEAL Records. same time, same place, and actually a kind of fusion with the market is the "Viennese Soulfood Festival", with lots of bands from the INTERSTELLAR universe and beyond: REGOLITH, MATIJA SCHELLANDER (of METALYCEE), FIRST FATAL KISS, BULBUL, ..... see you there!

unfortunately, this time we don't only have good news for you but also kinda bad ones.... our sublabel DILEMMA records will be on indefinite hiatus for personal reasons (let's hope it's a "break" rather then the end of it). it's back catalog is still available, exclusively via the INTERSTELLAR mailorder. no idea if DILEMMA will get going again some time soon, but we'll keep you updated!

more details on our upcoming releases.... soon!


news - 05/03/2013

Exploring the universe since 2001 with more than 30 releases in the bag and a ton of great people accompanying us on our way, we Interstellar crew will return to planet earth on March the 9th 2013 in order to celebrate "12 years of Interstellar Records" at KAPU, Linz (at). We're looking forward to a night of partying with long-time friends and über-awesome IN-KATA (ex-QUETZAL), NI (coming straight back from their tour) and our favourite singer-songwrite BOB CORN. See you all there!


news - 12/31/12

happy new year!

2012 was another great year for all inhabitants of the interstellar universe:

four new releases:
int026 NI "foxtrott" LP
int027 REFLECTOR "the heritage" LP
int028 REFLECTOR "15" 4x7inch-Box
int029 PEACH PIT "suspicious cargo" LP

one repress (second time we ever repressed a release):

aaaand. great plans for 2013! as an appetizer:
→ new releases by PEACH PIT, LIGHTUNE.G and TUMIDO and even more to come!

thanks to all of you for your continuous support!

yours, the space monkeys

ps. here's a video of NI's tour in may/june 2012. enjoy!
NI Tour 2012 - video


news - 07/11/2012

november is almost the end of the year - that is, high time for the following two releases to be out as of (almost) now (see release dates below):

november 9th: int029 PEACH PIT "suspicious cargo", a first-time-on-vinyl and vinyl-only rerelease, originally released on Earwing Records in 1999. "suspicious cargo" is hardly known outside of croatia, hence we thought you guys miss out on that one as it was quite a big influence on the interstellar crew back then. limited to exactly 103 copies, some come colored, others not. get them exclusively from us (mailorder) or from Dux Records Store (Graz), Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Guranje S Litice (Croatia), Friend of Mine Records (Japan) or directly from PEACH PIT themselves.

november 24th: int028 REFLECTOR "15" 4x7inch-Box , a very special and celebratory release for their 15th anniversary - 9 (old) songs, reinterpreted by REFLECTOR plus friends and long-time partners in crime, e.g. members of THE STRIGGLES, HELLA COMET, BULBUL, BUG, BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR, you name it. this album is a blast, with REFLECTOR's typical wall of sounds combined with their guests pushing the whole thing into a new dimension. But remaining still REFLECTOR. sounds good? yes.

As of other news, METALYCEE is still working on their new album, which is due to come some time next year. All of the METALYCEE guys and gal are further busy with various other projects and bands: Bernhard Breuer is touring and recording and releasing good stuff with TUMIDO and ELEKTRO GUZZI, Melita Jurisic has been casted for a role in "Mad Max - Fury Road" and is still filming in Namibia and Nik Hummer finished the short movie "Trespass" with Paul Wenninger, which is currently shown at the Viennale.
BULBUL is going to release a 7inch on Rock Is Hell (one of our favourite partners-in-crime) and are further working on a new album for 2013.
And finally, IN-KATA (ex-Quetzal) are going to release their new album "thanatopraxis" on november 12th. of course, it'll be available via our mailorder. a beauty!


news - 09/24/12

summer break is over!
but even during summer the cogs at the pressing plant didn't stand still.
so we are proud to announce you 2 new releases for this november:

13 years after its original release date (1999, cd on Earwing Records), the legendary "suspicious cargo" LP will be rereleased on vinyl! this record, hardly known outside of croatia was a big influence to us all. limited to 100 copies!!

yes, 15 years of REFLECTOR. and this has to be celebrated. so join the big party (24/11/12 A-GRAZ @ explosiv)!
and a big birthday party needs a big present. so we are happy to announce that we will be part of the REFLECTOR 15th anniversary release (in cooperation with Rock Is Hell and Noise Appeal).
expect deluxe!


news - 05/07/12

Good news, everyone! Last week REFLECTOR played the release show of "the heritage" in Graz (Austria) and now we have a couple of copies of the special release show edition left and up for grabs! Limited to 44 copies, gatefold cover (silkscreen printed @ Hotel Pupik in Schrattenberg). Btw, in July and August there will be this festival there -> Hotel Pupik.
Other good news: we repressed last year's self titled debut of BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR! This second edition comes with a screen printed cover, different from the the first - go, check out our mailorder, lots of good, new stuff there! Like, for example, the brand new split tape of TRONSTONER/HERBST (which is exclusively available from us, and only from us).
Stay tuned and see you in autumn - we'll be back with new release announcements. Have a great summer, best served with the legendary "astro kvačica" by PEACH PIT from the year 2000


news - 08/05/12

Interstellar universe, may in the year of 2012, activity level: high! 2 new releases and "our" bands on the road! -> shows

As of yesterday, may 7th, we have two new releases out (vinyl only): int026 NI "foxtrott" LP and int027 REFLECTOR "the heritage" LP (in coop. with Rock Is Hell and Noise Appeal .

REGOLITH have some of their limited postcard vinyl left, available via our mailorder. It's a beauty, dont' miss this! (It's highly limited though, be quick!) HERBST (1/2 of REGOLITH) and TRONSTONER will release their split tape coming end of may (yes, these guys decided to do this themselves, so no label attached here). A tape filled with beauties and soundscapes, also avaible via interstellar mailorder. Chrisi, the other half of REGOLITH, meanwhile creates and builds amazing analogue audio effect equipment via Koma Elektronik .
And. There's also a new Dilemma Recording out and up for grabs: HILARY JEFFERY "tibetan tunnels / bands of light" 12inch. Two intense and beautiful soundscapes of an amazing musician, member of SAND, KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE, ZEITKRATZER


news - 04/03/12

March 8th and 9th 2012 we'll be at TRESK festival at Kino Siska in Lublijana. TRESK festival is organized by Radio Student and we'll share tables and drinks with friends (Eat This Production, Moonlee Records) and a whole bunch of other great lables.

We have two new releases up our sleeves, both scheduled for sometime in April/May 2012. First is "foxtrott", the second album by NI (a side project of TUMIDO's Gigi). Second is a new album by REFLECTOR, still yet unnamed but under the working title of "heritage" and once again in cooperation with our friends from Noise Appeal and Rock is Hell.

Good news for everyone of you who missed out the last time: due to high demand, we'll be reprinting our sexy T-shirts! Probably available around April, thanks to our buddies at Siebdruckeria.

REGOLITH are currently getting ready for their tour in April, where they'll bring along a bunch of extremely limited copies of their vinyl. If by any chance not all of them get sold on tour, you'll be able to get your copy at our mailorder. Btw. our mailorder keeps growing these past weeks, and we now also distribute GOD RECORDS - the label outlet of Slobodan Kajkut (THE STRIGGLES, AUTOMASSAGE).

BUG are going to tour the US with KEELHAUL from the states - hell, would we love to come along!

FINAL TRANSMISSION, our interstellar radio show, will celebrate its 150th issue in march at Radio FRO - tune in!

Finally, the upcoming release of the space recordings of the "mur.sat1" nano satellite is going to happen sometime this year. The satellite will probably be cruising the orbit starting this summer.


news - 04/12/11

at first we have to thank all attendees who celebrated our 10 years anniversary with us.
in particular we have to thank Kapu for being such a great host and helped us out with getting the stuff done.
as well we have to thank First Fatal Kiss and Peach Pit for their captivating shows. MPU DJ-Line for keeping the Druzba hot.

after we have recharged our batteries, we put together the information for
INT025 - Stellar Constellation X.


news - 19/09/11

"10 Jahre Interstellar Records" on november 11th 2011 @ KAPU linz. we will celebrate our 10 years anniversary with live concerts (peach pit / zagreb and first fatal kiss / vienna), a dj line (mpu soundsystem), an exhibition and a temporary record store (feat. interstellar mailorder, zach records, thc+diy distro and wahn+sinn). on this date will be out
INT025 "stellar constellation X" tape, a compilation with some rare and mosty unreleased tracks from the interstellar universe, some bands recorded extra tracks! this release will be just available for free, for the first 50 visitors this night, there will be no repress or anything else, a big thank you from us to you.
INT024 PEACH PIT "dovidenja u calgaryju" LP will be out on october 30th 2011. croatian math rock legend will release on interstellar records their new album, unbelievable beautiful. our friends of Guranje S Litice from croatia, and Friend Of Mine (japan) will release the tape version and Aquarius Records the CD version. check out Peach Pit live video from the this year Terrenao Festival as appetizer http://vimeo.com/28899168
BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR finaly released, now the cd version of their self titled album on Discorporate Records, and we and Rock Is Hell have some of the vinyls left!
BULBULTUMIDO will celebrate on october 31st 2011 at vienna's shelter their 10 year anniversary and BULBUL their 10 years with good ole Didi Kern as their drummer.


news - 08/06/11

BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR s/t 2LP (in coop with "rock is hell") is out since may 30th.
we are quite proud to offer this baby in 2 different versions to you:
"normal", so boring, just a lovely gatefold cover designed by mackie osbourne.
"deluxe", more boring, same same but more even more lovely as handcrafted silkscreened version (only 100 copies).
get a copy through our mailorder, from rock is hell, or at one of the upcoming b.h.c shows. grab the CD version at discorporate records

almighty REGOLITH are still working on their upcoming full length (autumn 2011)
as appetizer here is a video for you: the day phoenix died on mars

friends do fucking genious albums, too: THE STRIGGLES "striggcatmummy"
released on rock is hell and noise appeal. available trough our mailorder.

there's a fine article by mica.at about interstellar records: mica

TUMIDO will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary.
and as you might know, so do we!
watch out for celebrations!


news - 27/02/11

yay! we just released TUMIDO "hunde" on vinyl!
tumido will promote this new album with a bunch of shows throughout Austria, mostly supported by the mighty NITRO MAHALIA.

KERN QUEHENBERGER & REGOLITH will share our next release. for both acts this will be their debut full length and the second tape release for interstellar.
in march, brought to you by us and our mates from NA WOAT NA and ROCK IS HELL.

in april/may, again in cooperation with ROCK IS HELL, the much-anticipated debut of BROKEN HEART COLLECTOR

and more good news, for you, yes you, customer from the US of A: Austria isn't your enemy, anymore... so finally, it is possible to send packages to you!


news - 12/01/11

attention all mailorder customers from the states: before ordering more than one record please contact us because of this:
due to new anti-terror laws that came into effect december 15th, all packages destined for the USA from Austria that weigh more than 499g have to be sent with EMS and not with regular post. cost of EMS is very high (at least 5 times higher as with regular post), this only temporary... we hope.
AND new arrivials in our mailorder section, very fine vinyl beauties from artists and labels like ?ALOS, ZEUS!, OCRILIM, LES SINGE BLANC and BARLAMUERTE and ROCK IS HELL.



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