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Supernova 3 & 4

please preorder via our mailorder. limited to 70 copies, each


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news - 24/10/2005

we're late again this time to announce some good news:
INT010 - ROOM204/G.I.JOE split 10" is finally out and ready to ship!! actually the records finally arrived 2 weeks ago (as the pressing plant screwed up all our deadlines) and have not been in time for their tour unfortunately.
anyway, the splits come on blue and black vinyl with super sweet artwork by murmeltierbär and we totally love this small piece of wax already!
more detailled information [here]

as for MOLLER PLESSET 2LP we have to deliver some not so good news: it won't be done before end of year, we suppose, as we have to try and save some money for it first. anyway we're working on it, plus:

MOLLER PLESSET take off today to tour austria and czechia (more info [here]) and they'll play in linz on thursday and in innsbruck on saturday and yessss, this leads to another announcement:



news - 01/09/2005

whooohooo - yes, after folding 500+ covers and some more assembling we now have them all sleeved and INT009/NOISE04 - 27/BUG split LP is ready to ship, yeah! we're so psyched!
high fives to dominik and marion NOISEAPPEAL, the BUG guys and 27! and a special thank-you-so-much goes out to role, without him we'd never be finished in time!!
more detailled information [here]

27 are on tour through europe at the moment and will have this split ready to sell at their shows and - of course they'll take a bunch back home for all of you folks from the states! unfortunately BUG can't make it to play with them in austria as maggo is traveling through canada at the moment...

continuing with good news - INT010 - ROOM 204 / G.I.JOE split 10" is already at the pressing plant and will be out on sept. 15th - right in time for their tour through italy, austria, germany and france (we hope)! currently we can't wait for the testpresses to arrive and we'll do our best to get this all done before tour start on sept. 17th.
thank you so much miguel, thank you so much murmeltier bär (for spending an awful lot of hours to create all the bugs and come up with a super special artwork) and again thanks role (for helping out)! mric, pierro, ricky, ale - high five!!

for dates and more detailled infos on both 27 tour and ROOM 204 / G.I.JOE tour check our shows section [here]

well, additionally we're working hard on keeping ourselves busy and our next release is already to be sent to the pressing plant very soon - france again, INT011 - MOLLER PLESSET 2LP to be more precise and again we'll try hard to get it done before the guys take off for touring europe in october. currently we're waiting for the master to show up here as it is on it's way to us - more info soon!

unfortunately we finally have some bad news too - INT008 - SUPERNOVA 2 2x10" has again been delayed as aaron isn't finished with the artwork yet - we have no idea when this will be done, hopefully very very soon.

and - last but not least: our buddy jochen (who is ROCK IS HELL RECORDS just released a fkkkn great record definitely worth checking out -- a one-sided, screenprinted LP by NATE DENVER'S NECK (www.natedenver.com - nate denver is a member of TOTAL SHUTDOWN and this is his solo thing). the record is black with a silkscreened B-side, comes in a screenprinted cardboard box with artwork by victor könig (remember the last album by BULBUL on TROST records?) and - yesss, this a bunch of great tracks!! pity that it's only one side of music to be honest...


news - 22/05/2005

here we go with a major update - lots of news here at interstellar, and we're overdue to let you know about what's gonna happen in the near future, to be honest.
as you maybe already noticed we have a bunch of records upcoming this year - 5 so far, and maybe even more, who knows? we don't know any accurate release dates yet, but we'll keep you updated!

this is what we're currently working on really hard:

INT008 V/A supernova 2 2x10": 4 artists, one each side, namely BUL BUL from austria, PEACH PIT from croatia, MERZBOW from japan and WOLFGANG FUCHS austria. -more info-

INT009 BUG/27 split LP: this is going to happen in collaboration with NOISE APPEAL RECORDS from vienna - the homebase for FRESNEL amongst others, good folks and friends of us btw. we're so really glad to cooperate with 27 for this release to be honest - they're from the states and did a couple releases on ESCAPE ARTIST, HYDRA HEAD, RELAPSE so far. they rock - musically and personally, with an incredible singer, very melodious and such a great contrast to our beloved BUG.

INT010 ROOM 204 / G.I.JOE split 10": ROOM 204 is a duo from nantes (fr), G.I.JOE is a duo from bologna (it) and this is going to rock so hard!! 2 crazy french guys on guitar and drums, 2 crazy italian guys on bass and drums, murmeltierbär doing the artwork for this release, yeah! frenzy noise rocks on both sides and absolutely loveable people, all of them. we're so totally excited to do this record!

INT011 MOLLER PLESSET tba 2xLP: another french band we love a lot, this time from rennes. they released 2 albums so far and we're going to do the vinyl version of these 2 records, as a 2xLP together with PERTE ET FRACAS RECORDS from france - plus the comics that came along with the CD versions of this records plus a special artwork of the guy who did the artwork for the CD versions and we're so stoked.

INT012 CHANG FFOS tba LP: CHANG FFOS are first of all friends of us (sasha and alen! you rock!) and they are from croatia and they are such a great live band and this is going to be the vinyl version of their upcoming record (MOONLEE RECORDS is going to do the CD version). think of a little bit of NEUROSIS, BOTCH, CONVERGE, TODAY IS THE DAY - obvious influences of this band. no rip off though. actually CHANG FFOS don't need to be compared to anybody - they sound like CHANG FFOS, nothing more and nothing less. heavy. loud. you'll love them.

actually we can't tell which of these upcoming stuff makes us being more excited, we're still bouncing up and down thinking of what is going to happen here at interstellar in the very near future and we have so many plans beyond that! so be prepared for even more hot shit - we'll keep you informed, this is a promise.

that's it for now ---


news - 05/05/05

this is a quick update - pics from our festival are finally online -here-
thanks for all of you for comin' - 2 days of good music and party! it was so great!


news - 20/03/05

finally it's done. our virtual homebase is finally rebuildt and redesigned and ready to take off!
just in time for our festival next weekend at stadtwerkstatt in linz - be there! (reminder: INTERSTELLAR FESTIVAL 25+26/03/05 @stwst in linz in cooperation with NOISE APPEAL REC.) the festival will be broadcasted by radio FRO (www.fro.at) on friday (real time) and saturday's performances some time later (tba).


news - 01/03/05

yo folks. long since our last news-update, but we're still alive and busy as hell. too many things at one time to be finished and in the works maybe, and far too many news to tell, here we go:

first of all the end of march is coming closer really fast and it's time to party!

we're around for 4 years now and this year we're celebrating our anniversary together with the one and only NOISE APPEAL RECORDS from vienna and it's gonna be hell of a good time.

the whole fest is gonna take place on 25th and 26th of march in linz at stadtwerkstatt with lots of good music and records - be there! more -info-

our upcoming next release SUPERNOVA II is to be finalised in the next couple of weeks, currently the tracks are being mastered, the artwork is in the works and as soon as this is done we're eventually able to announce a date for it being released and finally available... be prepared. for more detailled information go -here-

actually we're currently already working on the next release to be put out after 'supernova 2' - well, we can't give you all the details right now, it's still top secret so to speak. but you will be stoked. as we are. it's going to be a split collaboration with afore mentioned noise appeal records, a split LP with one of our label heroes and another great band from the U.S.

and - as you might have already noticed that we're pretty lame with updating our website lately... we're currently working on a complete redesign and unfortunately the current one has been treated quite badly for lack of time and whatnot. shame on us. but we'll try to put up our new homebase as soon as possible, with a little help of our friends... (yo ralf?).

that's it for now, the mailorder section is still not up-to-date, but will be in a couple of days. as soon as we've cleared out our in-stock list, that is.... keep on rockin'.



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