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Supernova 3 & 4

limited to 70 copies, each


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news - 15/09/07

yeah, it's done! we finished the MENKILLINGMEN 12"es on friday and they are available from now on. stoked!!!

other good news: ROCK IS HELL RECORDS is going to rerelease REFLECTOR's "flugangst" CD on vinyl, different cover, some limited on colored wax and such. should be done by the end of november.

and last but not least. we're currently working on another release to be done by the end of november this year, too. it's gonna be a 12" EP with METALYCEE from vienna, more infos soon!


news - 03/09/07

hey folks, the FLU.ID "new imperial sadism" 10inches arrived from the pressing plant today and FLU.ID are gonna have them available on their ongoing european tour FROM NOW ON!
they play in göttingen tonight, so if you're there, go and get it!

for all of you who can't wait to get hold of a copy, but won't be able to make it to one of their shows, drop us an [email].
it'll take us a couple of days though to have them available to ship as our boys currently carry the whole lot along.

and - 27 have been joined by greg moss on bass and are playing their first show with the new line-up at the middle east in cambridge on sept 23, and a lo-fi day show at the maple farm sanctuary on oct 21. plans for their touring in fall are also in the works, we'll keep you updated!


news - 31/08/07

ground control to major bummer.

FLU.ID start their 3-week tour through europe together with PERTH EXPRESS, JULITH KRISHUN and UNSANE today. and yes, we are pissed, 'cause the pressing plant fucked up a little and therefore FLU.ID have to play their first couple shows of their tour without carrying "new imperial sadism" along.
but: we promise. for the release show on sept. 11th in leipzig it'll be up for grabs latest and if we're lucky (crossing-fingers) even earlier! we'll keep you updated on this one.

so for all of you who can't wait to get hold of a copy, get it at their shows or drop us an [email].

yes, we totally love this baby and these guys, that's why it sucks so much that our tight time schedule by luck didn't work out as we wanted to.

the dates for their tour are posted in our [shows] section.
go, see them!!!! (no bad excuses!)

for all of you who need a couple of new shirts or underpants:

on another note, our upcoming 12" with MENKILLINGMEN is currently at the pressing plant and if all goes well it's gonna be ready to ship from sept 15th!
we're totally stoked!


news - 25/07/07

hey folks, we've been a hell lot of busy the last couple of months, no time for news-updates in between it seems.... as usual as we have to admit. shame on us. anyway, we've a bunch to throw at you:

first of all, our latest baby, the one-sided split 10" with BUG vs GODSENTUS [info] is out now and up for grabs.... actually it's quite sold out already, we have maybe 2 copies left, be quick if you'd like to get hold of one. sry, that this took so long to be finished, we had an awful lot of troubles with the pressing plant, always the same story, the same excuses.... but unfortunately that's the way it is.

one very next upcoming release we haven't shared any news about here is already worked upon at the pressing plant: int015 [info] for us, release no. 2 for them, 3 guys from the very east of germany we stumbled across by poor incident and we're so fuckin' glad we did! flu.ID they call themselves and they are not only great, they simply took us over by surprise and love from first sight. this is gonna be a 10", entitled "new imperial sadism" and due out by the very end of august, hopefully, just in time before they hit the road and enter the stage with unsane shortly after. be prepared!

another release that got delayed a hell lot of time due to various fucked up circumstances is the debut release for MEN KILLING MEN that should be done already and still isn't. but finally we got everything worked out and finished to be sent off to the pressing plant, the covers are already done and look awesome and we expect to have it available in 2 months very latest.

else, some gossip from:
27. have a new drummer due to neil getting married and moving to new york, congratulations and all the best! maria's sister terri is taking over, yay!
CHANG FFOS. are playing a couple of shows in germany and sweden, check the shows section for more details.
ROOM 204's drummer pierro plays in a new band now called PAPIER TIGRE [myspace]. they're gonna hit germany for a couple of shows in dezember and will be touring ireland and the uk in february 2008 if all goes well. check them out.
jochen, who is running ROCK IS HELL RECORDS [click] is gonna start a single club thing with lots of great stuff to come, a split 7" with BUG and REFLECTOR as one of them. we're thrilled! and last but not least BULBUL, one of the very best bands around at the moment as far as we are concerned are in the studio at the moment and their new stuff is simply amazing! can't wait for this to be finished and out!

that's it for now. or so they say.

ps: we put a couple of new mp3s online [click].


news - 07/01/07

long time no updates here - has been hell of a non-interstellar busy time the past couple of months for both of us... uhm, well. anyway, we're back on track again with a bag full of news to deliver:

currently we're working on the finishing touches for our next release (to be out and available in a couple of weeks) together with HIRNTRUST GRIND MEDIA. this is gonna be a one-sided split 10" with BUG and GODSENTUS, austria meets austria this time, or so to speak. BUG should already be well-known for all of you familiar with INTERSTELLAR, GODSENTUS is a trio from austria who just recently released their debut album on FIREWALK WITH ME REC. and we honestly can't wait for it to be done! BUG delivered a brand new song, surely one of their best so far, GODSENTUS came up with a new track as well plus MADAME STRANG and NSA both remixed GODSENTUS stuff to add to.

else, we're working on a debut album for our favourite guys from linz at the moment, MEN KILLING MEN, they're gonna hit the studio in feb. - we hope to get everything done shortly after!

INTERSTELLAR FESTIVAL '07 is all set by now too, we don't have no fancy anything to show off at the moment, the poster artwork still is under heavily construction, but here's what is important for you to know:

it will be a 2 day festival this year again too, but this time on 2 different locations (innsbruck and linz) and - as far as linz goes - this time not at stwst but at the mighty kapu!

day one:
fr. 30.03.2007 at PMK in innsbruck with DYSE (ger), TIGROVA MAST (hr) and TODESSTERN (a)

day two:
sa. 31.03.2007 at KAPU in linz with DYSE (ger), TIGROVA MAST (hr) and MEN KILLING MEN (a)

more detailled information soon!



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